Damn you, currency fluctuations! Damn you to hell!

In Gadgets on April 10, 2008 by Miche

Back in January, after the European Commission had investigated Apple’s (and the record labels’) higher iTunes music prices in the UK, compared with the iTunes stores in Eurozone countries, Apple said they would reduce prices “within six months” to bring the UK in line with other European iTunes stores.

UK tracks cost 79p, albums £7.99; Euro prices are 99c and €9.99 respectively.

Today, the Euro is worth 80p (compared with about 74p in January and 68p a year ago). Without any reduction, the prices now pretty much match. If this trend continues, it might be the other European countries who start complaining to the EC.

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2 Responses to “Damn you, currency fluctuations! Damn you to hell!”

  1. You should revisit this post – UK prices are now cheaper than EU ones ;-)

    £:€ being at pretty much 1:1 makes for some interesting economics

  2. Tell me about it. In the next couple of months I’ll be touring, mostly in the Republic of Ireland, on wages and expenses (agreed months ago) paid in Sterling. Belts will be tightened.

    I’ve been meaning to revisit that post. Apple never did reduce their UK prices, because the Euro got stronger. I think the issue may be raised again at the European Commision: it’s not just about prices, but about the single market.

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