Happy Eric Morecambe Day

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Eric Morecambe

"This boy's a fool."

Eric Morecambe was born on May 14th, 1926. He would have been 84 today. With Ernie Wise, he brought a lot of laughs to several generations of TV viewers.

I mean no disrespect to Ern – whose talent and contribution to the act are often underestimated – when I say thet Eric was the nation’s Funny Uncle. It’s just about impossible to see his picture or hear his name without smiling.

I humbly propose that May 14th should be Eric Morecambe Day, and we should all celebrate it by doing something silly that makes someone laugh. If it involves glasses awry, a pair of curtains and a fake strangle, or the words “There’s no answer to that,” so much the better.

Happy Eric Morecambe Day.



One Response to “Happy Eric Morecambe Day”

  1. There’s that great scene in ‘Hannah and her Sisters’ where Woody Allen is listing all the things that make life worth living. His list includes Jazz and the Marx Brothers. Mine would include those moments in the Morecambe and Wise Show when Eric affects to suddenly notice he’s on camera. And he stops whatever it is he’s doing and straightens up and beams as if he’s getting his picture taken on the seafront at Morecambe with the family. It’s even funnier when Ernie notices too and joins him. And there’s a great bit in one of the Xmas specials – during the play wot he wrote – where everyone in the cast (Glenda Jackson? Francis Matthews?) joins in too. Just sublime.

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